I didn’t see a lot of birds, have they flown away? Is this not the season for them? Bunnies ran swiftly across the path, but no time to to catch them on camera.

So, lets look at some of the plants, I have no idea what this berry is, I’m sure it’s poisonous.

But it’s very very pretty, I love all the color changes, from green, through yellow, and orange.

Finally getting to a jewel red.

I don’t know for sure, but this looks to me like a very simple, basic rose.

It is attracting the bees. Btw, those murder hornets, no, I’d hate to see one of them. But what they are murdering is bees, not people.

I didn’t have my macro lens with me. I am impressed with what I’ve achieved with the lowest Fstop on my regular lens.

Like this very strange tiny white flower.

The play of light and shadow, looks like a grape vine to me? Will there be any fruit? If so, the animals will get it before anyone else does.

Back at home, the cherry tomatoes are thriving. It looks like this one is going to have quite the black overtones.

One of my hydrangeas is blooming. I haven’t had much success in the last few years, probably cuz I don’t water them enough. I certainly didn’t feed this one correctly, so only pink, no blue.

Extreme close ups put me on par with Georgia O’Keefe… well, not really but I can dream.


2 thoughts on “Spring”

  1. Gorgeous pictures; Interesting — we have tons of birds right now — I’m just up North of you in Ventura (the hills near the Coast) on the Pacific Coast Flyway. But oddly no vermin (I’m usually fighting them eating my vegetables!).

    1. This is the first year I’ve planted more than just one tomato plant, so we shall see. My neighbors have a lovely navel orange tree and the squirrels decimate it. They don’t touch my Meyer lemons, we’ll see about the veggies

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