Defying California

Turns out that states that are run by Democrats have become tyrants. Since CA is a huge state with no GOP in sight. (they cheat them out of their duly elected votes, or they subvert them). We are among the worst. So now we’re seeing told, lockdown until August. What is really bothering me is all the people who can’t work because of this stupidity. I get it, starve half the state than demand that the Federal government pay the bill. Instead of simply working towards getting people back to work. Meanwhile over 51 percent of the deaths are due to senior facilities and I have no doubt that a large number are also among our vagrant population. But who am I, just a tax payer in this state. No rights.

So I and many others are defying stay at home orders and going outside, even without a mask! Masks are for being in a store, not outside in the sunshine in nature! I went to our local wildlife refuge, which really is a bird sanctuary, for permanent and migratory birds. You’d think I’m miles from civilization. Luckily there were a lot of people around, I saw quite a few moms and kids! Yay for going outdoors!

FYI, I’m standing next to the lake, which is really just an enlarged area of the LA River that gets it’s water from the next door Tillman reclamation plant. Across a field of mustard is the 405 freeway, which you can’t see and beyond that, Target. Why is Target a winner in the ‘necessity’ wars, but the small mom and pop businesses are shuttering never to return. Remind me why people think the Dems are for the little guy, get back to me when I stop laughing or really crying.

A sign of the times, a stolen Costco shopping cart, full of garbage, although I didn’t see encampments, they are around. Last summer after a number of fires were started in this area they cleared them out. But just like down the street from me, they come back quickly and as I have learned, they have many more rights than I do, I’m just supposed to pay for them.

Squirrels are part of wildlife too! How satisfied is this guy?

Or his buddy over here?

The always present Canada goose. I stopped to talk to a young man who had just lost his job… he is taking the time to explore the area on his bike. He had come from Florida, so to him these huge pests, I mean birds are a wonderful novelty.

Form and shadow, always an interesting study.

There is one out on the water. This is a very large lake, I know, its not enclosed, its’ part of the river. I guess the migratory birds aren’t around, I just saw one other guy with a huge lens on his camera. I’m sure he found things that I didn’t.

There probably will be more riots soon, meanwhile, Californians are simply going outside and enjoying the one thing we can here. The weather and the landscape.


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