Small little things

A macro lens captures amazing things that are hard to see with the naked eye.

a close up of a Kangaroo Paw flower. Very primeval looking.

The tomato is thriving.

Look at the little baby! This is a cherry tomato, so it won’t get large, now it is the size of pea.

After a week the string beans have sprouted. I love the ability to document the growth.

When a plant sprouts, it has a set of first leaves. They are called Cotyledons and are present within the seed. These are the first part of the plant that immediately starts photosynthesis so the rest of the plant can grow. With beans, the bean is the cotyledon. You can see the real leaf emerge.

I may have planted these seeds to close…. I may need to transplant before the roots get too deep. The cotyledons will die back quickly. I did go and buy some poles for these beans to grow up on.

These are old fashioned roses, I don’t remember their name. they have weak stems, so I cut them short and put them in bud vases.

these two spent the morning here so….

So these two could spend some quality time together. It was a win-win for all of us.


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