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A yellow iris bloomed. Unfortunately, the flowers last maybe two days at the most. I have some purple ones that aren’t showing any sign of flowering at all. Irises are supposed to be easy, it’s true, I do very little, but the results are short and fleeting.

I have baby tomatoes!!! Yay! The other veggies seem happy and are growing. Still waiting for the string beans to sprout, I guess it’s like the watched pot. They won’t do anything until I ignore them.

More Macro, the bottle brush opens.

Shhh, don’t tell our mayor. There are stores who are serving their customers. My son in law desperately needed a new sewing machine. He got a beauty, a Brother. Yes, he had a 12 year old cheap brother, but this one, has all the bells and whistles. It was fun shopping with him, it was fun hearing from him a few hours later about how wonderful this machine is. To many more years of productive sewing!

Yeah, we wore masks, I’m fine wearing it in a store, but when I’m outside in the fresh air, hell no. Fresh air and sunshine are healthy, rebreathing my own recycled air – not so much.

There is whole wheat flour and yeast back in my market. I was going to buy this for my son, but he already found some local to him. He also has finally gotten the sourdough starter to grow. I tasted his first loaf, not bad, if he perseveres, which he will, it will only get better. I didn’t need to buy the yeast either, someone sent them yeast so wife and kids are making Challah the traditional way.

I started a new quilt project!!! Remaking Posh Penelope. The same pattern I used for Einav’s quilt. I rarely repeat a pattern, but this one was so much fun. It’s not super simple, which is good for my brain. It does feel like popcorn, I just want to keep going and going.

I think I will end up with a large quilt this time, not a baby quilt. Perfect scrappy quilt, I’m in love.

I sewed another dress. I wasn’t too happy when I finished it, it felt meh. So Back to the scissors and the sewing machine. The sleeves were too long, so shortened them. Also, I got too many puckers when inserting the sleeves, so I went back and ‘did it right’, eliminated most of them.

Sorry about the silly face, happens. I then took in the side seams and the princess seams, I can wear a fitted dress! It looks better than a sack.

Probably won’t remake this pattern, I’m not in love with it. At least now I have a dress I like and feel comfortable in. Now back to making more quilt blocks.


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