A weekend of joy

We had two grandkids sleep over so their parents could celebrate their 7th anniversary. A great time was had by all, the parents walked down to the beach and along with hundreds of others, saw the bioluminescence. We had a great time with the boys.

We went to see the cousins. Westley really loves the baby. Clearly she loves him back.

We went to the nearby park and lake to feed the ducks. Yes, there were plenty of people, thank God. People need to get outside, fresh air and sunlight are so important for our health regardless of viruses. I don’t have much bread in the house, not sure the ducks liked the cheerios all that much, they get fed plenty.

Eyal kept that mask on for maybe five minutes. He has asthma, so extra precautions. These days the serious Drs. and scientists (not the political ones, who are loving the lockdown and controlling us) are saying that it is rare for children to get the CCPflu and even rarer to be what my son calls ‘mosquitos’. They don’t pass it on.

It is springtime, the ducklings have hatched. They are so well fed and healthy that having nine or ten ducklings survive is not unusual.

Oh, it was this fellows birthday! Cam turned 4! When his parents dropped him off they brought a cake with construction decorations. All he asked for was Star Wars Lego. I’m happy to say our governor is behind the curve, he will allow stores to offer curbside delivery, I bought this last week and got curbside delivery. Yes, it is way to hard for Cam, Westley and I worked on it and Cameron is surprising good with lego for a 4 year old.

Back to the lake, looking at fish.

They had the chance to just run!!!

Back for lunch!

Then playing with the treehouse. This structure is on it’s last legs, it came with the house, it is rotting. It will be replaced. But you can’t keep boys of something like this that they can climb on.

Then, bring the boys back home. We walked to the beach to see the red tide the creates the luminescence. People are beginning to walk on the strand again, the policewoman, is sitting in a stairwell of a building, not really paying attention. At night, everyone comes out to watch the display. Little by little, people are reclaiming their lives. Now, just to let people work again, work is essential to life. It’s not just the money.

Beach art, it is a wonderful thing.

I know I’m blessed.


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