Victory Garden

With the rules of what we can and can’t do, at least in LA county nurseries are open. I should have gone to my nursery, but I needed other things at the hardware store. So that is where I went.

Five weeks ago my son in law gave me this tomato plant. It is thriving. One of the things I bought at the hardware store was this cage. Luckily it is made in the US not China. I know, I can’t avoid everything from China, but I’m trying to limit what I buy.

I’ve added amended soil as well as coffee grounds, look how happy the plant is, I have plenty of flowers. I’m wondering if any have already started fruit, or it it needs to get really hot for that to happen. My yard is full of bees, bugs and worms, so that isn’t the problem.

As I said, not a lot of variety at the hardware store, but at least I could go in and buy what they have! So mini bell peppers!

A Melon. OK, now I’m going back 43 years to when I did my army service on a kibbutz and we grew melons.

People say that if you plant squash, you will be overrun. I am about to find out. I only planted one of each, so we shall see.

I planted a flat of carrots, so that is six plants.

String beans from seed.

And now, the old saying I saw on a needlepoint sampler. He who plants a seed beneath the sod, and waits to see, believes in God.

I actually may visit my nursery and get a few more plants… They are planted among the flowers. Unlike a friend who literally has a farm on the quarter acre behind their house. That is too much work for me.

The climbing roses are blooming

They start out pink and yellow and fade to yellow. Beautiful.

Less than a week, the two original flowers are spent, in a week this Iris will return to being just boring leaves.

Another Iris is getting ready to bloom. This is a standard purple one, but you better believe that I will be sharing this flower as well.


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