Closing the outdoors

I’ve never been fond of politicians, they are a necessary evil. Someone needs to run things in a civil society, but it turns out, they don’t. Not really.

We have amazing beaches here in CA, full of sunlight, vitamin D and clean clear air. And what are our overlords telling us? Hunker inside, keep breathing the stale air, go crazy, beat your wife and children because what else are you going to do??

We were told we need to flatten the curve. We were told we need to take more time for the disease to spread so that our hospitals wouldn’t be overwhelmed. We did it. Even NYC now has the hospitals under control. So what do our overlords do? Move the goalposts. Maybe because it’s easy to be little dictators, but figuring out how to gradually open up our economies is just too hard for them.

Makes sense to me, we here in CA have been dealing with an out of control vagrant problem for years. What our overlords like to call: ‘homeless’. The people who lose jobs and then their homes go looking for help. They find the help, they get back on their feet. Meanwhile we will have another 4-5 million joining their ranks here in CA, because once again, the overlords don’t want people to work. Don’t get me started on AB5, the law the outlaws freelance work. Yeah, CA did that. But I have seen how the Daleks who rule us don’t want to solve the vagrant problem – for them it’s been a boon in money and jobs. Meanwhile, around the corner from me vagrant encampments grow, they even have a portapotty now. And the garbage and filth increases. But I’m told Shut Up – you are evil because you don’t care! You think it’s kind to these mentally ill and drug addicted people to just let them live like beasts on my streets. When I complained about not wanting to live in India – I got a lecture about how we aren’t India, by a stupid little girl who had visited India. She had her orders to demean and belittle me because I don’t have a heart about the ‘homeless’.

So our brave governor (he’s not the only one, so many around the country are just like him.) has closed beaches and parks, because boy does he love being a little dictator. I know he has his eyes on the White House. He is probably hoping that when the Dems realize that Biden is too far gone into his senility – he’ll get the call. Cuomo probably thought he’d get the call first, but NY isn’t looking too good. Oh, and the other thing they are lying to us about is who is getting ill and dying. Yes, it’s my age group and older, and a lot of it has happened in senior facilities. But just like they did with Aids, they lie. With Aids they told us everyone could get it – turned out no, gay men who had sex with anything that moved and then, unfortunately, it got into our blood banks. So innocent people who needed blood. But we were told that everyone could get it.

Instead of taking care of our seniors (by not sending seniors with CCPFlu back to their nursing homes) We have let them die in the thousands, and then we are told that everyone must stay cooped up, without work, so we can vanquish this by avoiding it. I’m not a big fan of Bill Mahar, and of course he has to have his political digs, so I won’t share the video he put out. But do yourself a favor and go look for it. We can’t conquer microbes by ignoring them.

I’m thrilled to see many of my fellow Californians going out and protesting. No, my protest days are over. Not going there, also, I will continue to try and be safe. Not by locking myself up, I go out, I even see people other than family – at 6 feet away. But let the young, the healthy, even the school children back out into society.

I am watching Israel very carefully, they are opening up slowly, school will Start up soon as well. I’m looking at Georgia, Tenn, Florida, South Dakota. Lets’ see what happens. Will there up an uptick in cases, yes, but we now have the room in hospitals, we have more tools that are helping from chloroquine to that drug from Giliad. The world never stopped because people die, people always die.

On a final note, for anyone who is still reading. Thank God my gastroenterologist has common sense. I had my 9th or 10the colonoscopy this past week. 22 years ago I had colon cancer, I was fortunate and I’ve been fine. But one way to ensure that has been colonoscopies. All is well, a clean bill of health, but so many others out there aren’t being treated for their illnesses because of CCPFlu. Time for that to stop.


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