What is going on in the world?

I have no idea how many people actually read this blog, I’m thinking about 10. Sure I’m followed by 150 on Bloglovin but those are all porn people. Do they follow me so I’ll follow back? Do they enjoy my crafts? On IG I block all middle age guys that start following me, if there were a way to do that for the porn folk on Bloglovin, I’d do it, but I haven’t found a way to do that, and I know, some good people follow me there.

This blog is about my creativity and my explorations, either locally or abroad. I really don’t touch on politics, though I’m sure, if you’ve been reading me for a while, you’ll know that I’m not a bleeding heart lefty. I’m not a lefty at all. The older I get, the more conservative I get. Politics play a huge role in our lives, but when I say conservative – it’s values I’m talking about, values that in some cases are tied to politics, but often are just about life.

So when political season is in full swing, it gets nary a mention here. But yes, I did vote for Donald Trump. At the time it was because I believe in voting (even if my state of CA believes in doing everything to subvert the democratic vote). So although I really didn’t like Trump, I already knew I could never vote Democrat again – the damage being done to our country is horrible. Once again, it’s not just the party, it’s the fact that the left now controls education, news and all of our entertainment. Republicans really are the lessor of two evils, few people in politics remain good people. Power corrupts. Just look at every mayor, governor and police chief since the CCP Virus lockdowns started.

When Obama was elected my son told me I should give him the benefit of the doubt and see what happens. I did, it didn’t take long for him to disappoint me more than I ever thought possible. But there it was. I have my friends and groups where I could vent. I’m sure there was some venting on FB, but that gradually stopped. So I voted for Trump, sure even before that I’ve been silent about voting GOP. I’ve sat in knitting groups and quilting groups where the nastiest things have been said about any GOP president (Nazis, all of them) and voters like me. I would sit quietly and pray that the topic would change soon. It usually did. But after the 2016 election, I couldn’t go back to some of those groups. The vitriol and hatred was beyond my ken. I know those ‘lovely, open minded, liberal, caring women’ would be pouring out their bile and it wouldn’t stop. So I stopped going.

In the three years since my social circle has shrunk even further, and not because I’ve said anything. Some people guessed (when you don’t join in the massacre they begin to figure out that I am not one of them), and made a point of shunning, others I simply walked away from myself. And thank God, there are those good people, who when they found out simply didn’t care. We had built relationships on other things. This can continue to be ignored.

Meanwhile, whereas I had little regard for Trump when he was elected, my admiration for him has only grown. I don’t give a shit about that misquoted phrase ‘grab them by the pussy’. I didn’t care that he is thrice married and not faithful to his wives. He’s not my Rabbi, unfortunately for me, although my rabbi leads an honorable family life, in other ways – he is no example to me.

First and foremost for me, it is Trumps attitude to Israel and the Jews. Yes, I’m a proud Jew and Israeli, yes, I know, one of the biggest canards of antisemitism is ‘dual loyalty’. Just ask the Egyptians in the Bible. This is pure antisemitism, no one else on earth gets this dual loyalty challenge. So be, I am a proud American, Jew and Israeli, if that is bothersome to anyone, it’s not my problem.

Then there is the economy, here in America, which up until the Chinese Virus was booming. President Trump loves America like no other American president I’ve ever seen. (I was in Israel during the Reagan years, so I can’t speak for him).

I get it, Trump isn’t ‘Republican’, they hate him as much as the Dems do. What he is fighting is leftism. That awful Godless humanity destructive force. And the left is in a panic, which explains all the hate, the vitriol, the ugliness that isn’t only directed at him – but also at me, or any other person who voted for, or later walked away from the Dems and now supports Trump.

I’ve been on pins and needles for a while, I am an avid student of history. History isn’t kind, it is cruel and evil. Since WWII the western world has had unprecedented peace and prosperity. Oh sure, Communism in both the Soviet Block, China, Cuba and anywhere else it was tried. Close to one hundred million people have been killed by communism. But we in the west simply ignored it and went on with our lives. I’ve been on pins and needles for a while, history won’t stop. Something bad will happen. When people celebrated the return of the roaring 20s’ I cringed. They roared after the horrific World war and the Spanish flu. You don’t get roaring without tragedy before hand.

So now we have this flu from China, most probably straight out of their biological weapons lab. And the whole world has come to a stand still. And I’m scared. Thank God so far my family is fine. But who knows what the future holds? China has shut down the world, yes, they are suffering too, but I don’t care. I lost the ability to ‘care’ about others a long time ago. Antisemitism taught me that lesson very clearly.

Right now we are locked down, our economy is at a standstill, 17 million Americans have nothing, no job, no savings, nothing, and they can’t go anywhere. (well in LA, you can be homeless, or be a vagrant, which is what they really are and no rule apply). The fear of the disease is palpable, the fear of getting people back to work, the anger and the lashing out – is understandable. Which is why I lash out at China, because yes, they are responsible.

Meanwhile my admiration for President Trump has risen through all this. There is no magic pill, this is a world altering event that we are going through. Nothing will go back to normal, there will be a new normal, but the earth is now shifting on its’ axis. And Trump is doing the best he can, is he making mistakes? Yes, he is human, he’s not God. Do you hate listening to him? then don’t, I hated listening to Obama, I didn’t whine all over the place, I just turned him off.

Of course the media is melting down, they are dying. 8 years they took a break and never shared what was really going on, they thought that with their help Hillary would be president. That didn’t happen and the media is dying, they know it and they are fighting to survive, but they won’t. I haven’t watch TV news in 30 years since I moved here from Israel. News here would be teased -story at 6. Well, if you won’t tell me now, then it isn’t news. I still read newspapers for a long time, but they have become worthless. I happen to be one of the most informed people around, I have plenty of sources online that I trust. There are people I know around the world who share what is happening in their countries. Nowadays we have the long form interview either on You Tube or in podcasts. Check out Dave Rubin, Triggernometry, Zuby, John Anderson… the list goes on and on. Real people talking to other real people for sometimes up to 2 hours. You can learn so much more than a sound bite from CNN, who won’t carry real news, heaven forbid people should find out that the government is trying to solve the CCP Virus problem.

Which leads me to my last thing. I have always loved Rudyard Kipling, I’ll have to write a whole post about that. This one has become too long as it is. Listen to the reading of this poem. Then go google (I use Bing, but google has become a verb) The Gods of the Copybook Headings. Read some of the interpretations, yes with poetry, I need some extra help. Then tell me that this poem isn’t about today and what we are going through. Because it is.


2 thoughts on “What is going on in the world?”

  1. Wow…you are right in so many ways. Brave to write what you did. I am afraid to agree. Afraid to be numbered.
    So thank you and I love following you because you are real. And that’s a compliment. I have never answered an email before. Stay healthy and sweet like you are! Hugs

    1. Judith, I’m thrilled to have a like minded reader, I have no idea, and although I’m sure you could tell that I wasn’t on the left, I wanted this blog not to be political. Now that the floodgates have opened, I will probably post more about things I care about. Not about Dems and GOP, but the social issues that matter most in our lives that are daily affected by how much the left controls our culture. Btw, we will always be battling evil, that will never go away. I have to say I see many good signs of the left losing it’s control and grip on us. Which only means they will double down even more than they have. Meanwhile, I am blessed to be healthy, to not be out of money, to have my family around. Thank God my kids recognize the importance of us being around the grandkids, not just for our sake, but for the kids and grandkids sake. We will get through this, and may I just say, God bless our president. Anyone who reads the Old Testament knows that there isn’t a single leader who doesn’t have a very major flaw. Every single one of them did – because they were human. The left has no got, so it turns humans into gods, thereby denying them the right to be human.

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