Quilters, sewers, crafters they all love to help. Really, I’m not joking. Every quilt guild has a philanthropy portion. We make pillowcases for foster kids, placemats for meals on wheels, quilts for veterans and for other charities as well. So I wasn’t surprised at all when someone suggested making masks for hospitals.

Turns out that because there aren’t enough masks for the whole population, so we were told that it was unnecessary for us. Then they said that hospitals are running out of the N95 masks. So quilters jumped in and said, lets’ make masks for hospitals.

So I made a mask, not to give to hospitals. but to give to family members and close friends. cuz by now, it was admitted that even if the masks aren’t N95, any barrier is a good idea. It appears that the use of masks in South Korea and Taiwan, along with other measures of course, is making a difference.

One of the things that was mentioned was that the filter in air-conditioning is pretty good at stopping Bactria and some viruses. Not N95, but very good. My son in law gave me a filter and I do have fabric. So here I am modeling it.

This one, with the bicycles is for Joel. the problem with it is it’s open on the sides.

The idea about sending masks from private homes to hospitals just doesn’t sound right. Someone said: well they can wash them before use. Really? The hospitals have time to launder masks from God knows where?? When bringing up these kind of objections I’m basically told, shut up! We are busy virtue signaling, don’t burst our bubble.

I tried another pattern, I like this one better. I put a piece of jewelry metal over the nose bridge. This one works. Notice, I’m putting my earrings to very good use. Also, I love how this mask covers my double chin.

I moved on to using Batik fabric. It is a much tighter weave than regular quilting cotton.

Next thing I know, no one can find any 1/4 elastic anywhere. I happen to have a few packages as well as a very large spool of elastic. A number of friends were making masks for family and friends, I shared with them. Otherwise, I’m a hoarder, a few people approached me on IG. “where do I find elastic?” I don’t know, and don’t look at me.

Here are some that my friend Becky made.

Irene made this one.

Joel got an updated one.

Becky and her kids. Aytan even helped sew a seam on these.

How do you like the masks made from mask fabric? I didn’t make one for the baby, not sure her brother will actually wear his.

These will go to my middle son and his family.

Then I went to the supermarket, oh boy. I shop in a kosher market Passover is coming. the place is crazy. And a lot of the employees do not have masks. What better use than to give them masks.

I have a bolt of this fabric. it is adorable, it is neutral, it can work for both men and women. I figured out how to make them quickly with my serger. These do not have the HVAC filter inside, just cotton quilt batting. One can’t wash the HVAC filter. We don’t wear it for hours on end. Workers the supermarket do. So I ventured into the mayhem today and offered them to one of the cashiers. She was thrilled! She immediately shared with her fellow workers. One of them was so appreciative, that I thought of them. I told them, this isn’t N95, doesn’t matter he said, you thought of us.

Meanwhile people are telling me that the hospitals will use them over there N95 masks….

Other friends are beginning to make them for supermarket workers, or for convalescent homes. On You Tube I saw that in The Czech Republic people are making them and hanging them on posts so anyone can simply take one.

So quilters, don’t stop making masks, but maybe think about where they are more useful. I get it, ‘Hospitals have no supplies and it’s all Trumps fault’ is a very fun way to think. But the solutions are much closer to home.

On my Next-door someone has offered to make them for the neighbors, a lot of people have taken her up on her offer.

The virtue signaling has gone too far, a friend asked me for cotton fabric for a friend of hers – who wants to get in on ‘the fun’. My response, nope, I hoard the fabric for myself, I’ll be making pillowcases with my grandson. Even if it takes a few months to get to foster children, that is a much better use of my fabric than giving it away.

This picture arrived after I posted, so here is an addendum. This friend lives alone and posted about being scared to be outside. So needless to say, he was so thankful not only for a little bit of protection, but of the kind gesture.


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