National quilt day

There was supposed to be a quilt event in Reseda on March 21st, on National Quilt Day. Well that didn’t happen. So I hung out a quilt in front of the house instead.

I chose my Red and White, to go along with the blue trim of the house. A little patriotism in difficult times.

Getting into the picture.

This is the view from the street. Having this gate made it easier for me to leave the quilt out for the day. I love my quilts too much to leave them where anyone can come by and nab one.

Few people came by. Although it didn’t rain, it was a dreary day and not many people walking by. These days with the ‘shelter in place’ more and more people are actually getting outside and walking. Around here people are respectful of the 6′ rule.

Here is one happy boy with his quilt.

Sharing with other family members.

This is one proud boy who just wants to make make make!!

I handed him a marker and just let him sign, so he signed right on the front of the quilt. His name should be front and center.

We are now making pillowcases. Even were able to include some math. I know, I’m crazy, I let him use the serger. I was hovering over him the whole time!! Sergers do not go slow. He has gotten good with the machine, he speeds up and slows down now. I am so thrilled, as is he, he really loves to sew.

One pillowcase for him, one for Shira. Can you guess which is hers??? She wanted to sew it herself. But I’ve made an executive decision. He really really needs this, this isn’t just fun, this is therapy. Shira has a lot of other things to occupy herself with. So he is the maker in the house.

Showing off the pillowcases and their masks, that is for the next post.


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