Sewing with a boy

Aytan has really taken to this sewing on the machine. He very quickly is figuring out when to pull out the pins without stopping. He is sewing very very slowly, which in itself is amazing.

We are seeing some of the grandkids, the ones close by. Total isolation isn’t good, so far we all are keeping away from crowds and keeping clean.

At this point, Aytan made lemonade. Initially he just pushed a full lemon down on the juice extractor, I had to cut them in half. Then he wanted to try it, yup, you would have loved his face. So I made simple syrup and outside the two of them went for a picnic.

As the quilt grows, he is busy choosing the fabrics and where they go. I let him choose whatever he wants, I think he did a good job with color placement. I didn’t want to put in my two cents at all. This is about him.

I’m grateful that the Sewing Arts Studio had a sale a few months back. They sold quite a few bolts of fabric for $20. So I have plenty fabric for backing. I’m am so proud that Aytan sewed the long seam back here. Then it was time to spray baste. I always have a breeze here on the driveway, I needed something to hold down the backing, so Aytan went and picked lemons, they will become lemonade soon.

He loves it! Wanted to take it home, but I told him I have to actually quilt it. The glue isn’t enough.

Sorry my hand looks so huge, this is what photography does, distorts and foreshortens. I used my walking foot, I don’t need fancy quilting here. I need it to hold together.

It’s a little hard to see, I quilted in the ditch, then quilted diagonally and again bisected each block. So basically, it is quilted within the 5″ which should be plenty.

I hade a fat quarter of this pink, which is from the same line of fabric. I used that and a lot of the remaining blocks to make the binding.

All done. I am so thrilled, can’t wait for Aytan to come and pick it up!

I will talk about signing it, will probably just do it with a sharpie and if he wants to sign on the front of the quilt – that works for me, it is his!


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