What to do when social distancing.

My son is having his house painted this week. Who knew that all hell would break loose. Kids home, Erez has to work from home and the house is being painted. So they’ve been spending the time here, as well as sleeping here so as not breathe in all the paint fumes.

Shira said that I should help her sew a skirt. So we did!

First we practice sewing on paper without thread. Try and stay on the red lines! She did very well.

Then we moved on to thread on paper and then sewing on fabric. I’ve had this fabric forever, perfect for her skirt. It is knit fabric so I wasn’t expecting perfect seams. She had to learn how to stop and take out the pins. Luckily she dosen’t have a lead foot and she sewed nice and slowly.

She sewed the two side seams and did a very good job. I put on the elastic waistband and hemmed the skirt. She LOVES it.

This girl knows how to ham it up for the camera. I ended up cutting a few more inches off, It was just too long.

Also made a matching headband. Oh, when you are stuck inside, it’s worth buying popsicles even it isn’t summer yet.

Aytan got very interested. I remember someone saying that boys love learning how to use a sewing machine. It’s a machine after all, and hey, peddle to the metal, it’s like driving a car.

We also started with the paper.

We were not going to make a bag, so I suggested a book bag. This sewing is excellent for him. Aside from being deaf he does have processing issues so hand eye coordination is huge.

He loves the fabric, I sewed the handle, but he sewed the top and the two seams.

Getting him to smile!!! It’s not that he isn’t happy, but he needs to be coaxed to smile. Then we had lunch and they went out for walk. Once they came back Aytan wanted to make something else. He is also very slow and steady on the machine.

I didn’t want to make another bag so I suggested a quilt. How could I not? Luckily I do have some layer cakes and this one is bright and fun. Perfectly suitable for a boy. I let him choose the blocks, then I’d pin them together (1/2″, we aren’t going for f1/4″ this early in the game). I’d mark a red line with my frixon pen and sit next to him as he sewed. Yes, his eyes were wandering, he pick his hands up and just let the machine go. There is a lot supervision here.

Another coaxed smile, he has gotten good at removing the pins before he gets to them, sometimes without stopping. I think this is something that interests him more than his sister – which would be incredible. He needs activities. Yes he does sports, which is great, but he isn’t the social butterfly Shira is. Although that is on hold now…

I keep reminding him to look down at the pins, since he’ll just look up not look at his work. But he loves it, and we literally just started.

He chose the fabrics. In the first row it was easy. Second row, I’d place the emerging row below the first row and let him choose. We stopped after two rows. There is time tomorrow and probably many more days to come…

Yes, he sewed that whole long row. I am so impressed. You better believe I am going to make sure that this isn’t a one time activity.


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