Beading away the panic

So here we are, hunkered down at home trying to avoid the Wuflu. Of course I’ve been on the internet, of course I’ve been enjoying all the memes.

Images like this one started showing up. OMG, I haven’t beaded in a long long time, but the urge hit me. I still have beading supplies, so I hunted until I found my almost white delica beads.

I got to work. My eyes aren’t what they used to be, threading the needle was hard. I used my beading thread, and my needle threader just didn’t like it. Somehow I managed.

I haven’t forgotten how to do peyote stitch. So away I went.

Almost there!

Very cute. Now to try them on.

I guess I’m a perfectionist sometimes. Cute, but it lacks the structure of a toilet roll. As in it needs the inner core.

Back to work, I couldn’t find brown delica beads in my stash, so I went with purple. A word about delica, these are Japanese beads and in general they are more uniform then the Czech ones. As you can see, I took another step. I cut up a straw, sliced it open and slipped it in. Voila! now there is structure!

Side by side. You can see why I like the structure one better. Btw, I posted pictures on IG and someone I don’t know at all sent me a private message asking if I could share the pattern. Do you know the term Chutzpah??? I see people are selling these on eBay for $35. I’m all in favor of capitalism. But this was too much – oh look what you did, give me your instructions for free and I’ll go out and make money.

My response was, if you know how to do peyote stitch, you can figure it out. For years people have come up to me asking that I either sell my work at Chinese prices or that I give my patterns and designs away for free. No way Jose!

The finished pair. Friends are telling me that the roll is facing the wrong way! They are correct, but look at the next picture, it appears more like toilet paper when hung this way.

I am very very pleased with the result. Here is my new profile picture….

As for the prototype? I’m sending them off to a dear friend. If my eyes were younger and I had more beads. I’d be making them for more friends. I’m thrilled to share my talents with people I love. I have no interest in giving my talents away to people just because. Yeah, I’m selfish that way.

And now, on to a puzzle. Yes, it’s quilt blocks….. I’ve just ordered some more from Amazon because all the stores around here are closed – Wuflu. I wonder, do we own Amazon stock? Cuz they, CVS, Google, Walmart and Roche will be going through the roof when the market calms down.


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