Thank Goodness the wedding was last weekend

Final pictures from our trip up to Santa Barbara. Everyone is grateful that the wedding was last weekend. We know people who’s kids are getting married in the next few weeks and everything is up in the air. Also, the groom flew on Wednesday to Italy, he is needed at the airforce base there. His wife won’t be joining him for a while. Such is life

We took a lovely hike, but something happened to those pictures when I downloaded them. So this post is about animals. After going through the tunnel we came out on Butterfly lane. Love the use of butterflies in the arch which is also the address.

This is a house down the street, I have a feeling the neighbors don’t like this much. If these were the only pigs, so be it. But they aren’t…

some have wings…

Some are huge and ratter scary.

Some are small and cute.

This one shares the fence with the neighbor. As I mentioned, I have no idea how the neighbors feel about all these pigs. I of course was delighted.

Although I’ve yet to see a flying pick, there are also birds.

Big Pelican.

This gull just sat on that rooftop for a long long time.

Our hike was up in the hills. Had to stop and take a look at view!

The beautiful spring flowers are blooming.

As we started out, we crossed this lovely bridge. I bet this week the stream is full of water, we have been getting all the rain in March. Every so often this is what happens, a very dry winter and then all the rains come in March. California doesn’t have a set pattern for the rains. It’s not like monsoons in India. Our rains have a mind of their own and each year do something different.

But there was enough water to see these lovely little waterfalls. This is the wonder of SoCal, we do have these little streams throughout our mountains. And it makes for great hikes.

I love how people have noticed that this rock looks like a monster and they have added to it. Human creativity and nature together can do wonders.

There were a lot of dogs on the hike, it was hard to get pictures of them. This little cutey was by the beach. It almost seemed like one isn’t allowed to hike or walk in the Santa Barbara area without a dog!

I’m grateful for this wonderful getaway, all the more so because the WuFlu is keeping us all indoors. I’m praying that these measures will keep most of us safe and that we won’t see the horrors of Italy. Btw, I have no doubt that China was just as bad or worse, they lied to us about it, they lied about how bad it is. And now they want to blame America.

An interesting observation, I got the flu shot in early November. A few weeks later I’m reading that for some reason, they really missed the mark this year because people are coming in with a flu doesn’t match with the markers from last year – which is how they create the next years vaccine. So yeah folks, the Wuflu was out there already in November, China hid the information until they simply couldn’t anymore.

God Bless President Trump for closing off travel from China in January, and for all the efforts his team has been doing since then. I think we will be alright.


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