New Zealand Sweater

I’ve been knitting away on my New Zealand sweater. I love the color, I’m still not sold on the possum combined with the Merino wool.

It has a certain halo, I’m thinking that is because Possum is just too short of a staple to spin on it’s own. As long as it doesn’t cause much pilling, I will probably enjoy the extra softness.

Closer up, you can see there is some interesting heather in the yarn. Just a hint. I really like that.

I started knitting the sleeve set into the armscye. As you can see I got almost to the end and I just wasn’t happy. It didn’t feel like it was going to lay flat in it’s place. Then the light bulb went off. If I’m not happy now, I won’t be happy once I’ve finished the sleeve. So, I did the right thing, I frogged it.

And started over from the cuff up. Yes, I will sew in the sleeves and I think I will be much happier.

Along the way I was knitting in the car. I was the passenger, so no worries about driving while knitting. I made some mistakes, guess what, that also got frogged.

One sleeve done. All in all I have really enjoyed knitting this sweater. I think I will have enough yarn leftover for a hat, or more. I have yarn left on the second skien and I have a whole other skien to go.

I did use the 100% pure merino to make Joel a hat. And he loves it!!


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