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Look at this ice sculpture. Of an F16, which is what the groom flies.

The wedding date. The next day I spoke to the dad of the ice-carving company. This isn’t one block of ice, but many. It’s a wonderful thing to see this kind of art in ice. By midnight, it was dismantled and thrown into the ocean.

Wearing the dress I had made, yes I got some compliments. I loved telling people that I made the dress.

Can you see? Aside from the cute couple. There is an image of the French bulldog the couple owns. As for the jacket, we stopped at the Camarillo outlets and I bought this great jacket. It works so well with the dress.

I love the Saber arch. First time I’ve seen it. I have seen videos, but not in real life. Of course I love that this is America and it’s a Jewish Airforce wedding.

The Biltmore, where the wedding took place. What a gorgeous old hotel. We stayed up the street at the Montecito Inn, where they claim Charlie Chaplin was a part owner. Lovely and comfortable, but it doesn’t have the grounds that the Biltmore does.

Love these old tiles! There was another one of the Channel Islands, sorry, didn’t get a picture. Is San Nicholas really that tiny, cuz that was the one island missing from the map.

There were a number of these fountains with tile backdrops. Also, all the risers on the stairs were tiled. Yes, I was in tile heaven.

We wondered around State street, I love this Italian ceramic store. So many beautiful items. I love the purple/yellow combination. We went into a Turkish design store – also, great ceramics there. Then we stopped into the Turkish Coffee shop.

Joel had the Turkish coffee, I had the pomegranate tea – which was really amazing! Then we shared wonderful Turkish delight, if you get the real thing, that hasn’t been on a shelf for years – it is really tasty. Not too sweet.

More, anon.


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