Getaway to Santa Barbara

We had a wedding to go to in Santa Barbara, so off we went for a weekend getaway.

Ahh, the beach right by the Biltmore. Little did we know that most of the wedding would be in that lovely club in the background.

It was a little cold, but the air was crisp and clean. The water so blue and the clouds just adding their wonderful touch.

The Channel Islands were so clear to see! In the summer they are dulled by the haze, but this weekend it almost felt like I could reach out and touch Santa Cruz Island.

During the day it was low tide, so people were checking out the shoreline. By the next day, it was high tide and all that beach disappeared.

Like where this towel and chair are, all under water. Tides really are amazing, I know they are connected to gravitational forces of the moon. But not living next to the ocean, it always surprises me.

This is some kind of found art, but the crazy thing is how high up the stick is, and yet, there are fresh flowers.

Me and my love of arrested decay, or maybe it’s not all that arrested. This is what saltwater does to the hand rails along the steps down to the sand.

For all I know, the railing may be 65 yers old and not been replaced. I find it beautiful, but not functional at all.

On our walk, we started out on the commercial street in Montecito, then came across this tunnel that led under the freeway to the beach side.

The Coastline goes right along the shore, as well as some very fancy houses. I guess that is what happens when you build the railroad first.

Ah, Montecito! Coffee with a Dalmatian. One that isn’t going anywhere.


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