A small plane ride

We drove four hours to Milford Sound, which is actually a fiord, but usually one a place gets a name, it doesn’t change. Well in communist, or dictatorships like China or Burma, they can change names of whole countries or cities. But a place like New Zealand, not so much. Although they keep adding more Mauri names to things.

We were so lucky, usually it’s a bus ride back, part way to an easier airport, or, it’s a bus ride back.

We were so fortunate!! All 12 of us fit into this Cessna, and it took less than 40 minutes to get back. Our pilot David sat next to the pilot, he said, he did a fine job.

This is a tiny airstrip, with these mountains and low clouds around us.

Posing in front of our swift transport back to Queenstown.

I didn’t have a great seat for pictures. So this is what I was able to capture. Just a few minutes earlier, we were in one of those boats, admiring the fiord from the water.

Stephen got great pictures and videos. The whole group was sharing, which is why I have images to share with you

Here we are, all scrunched into the airplane. It was quite comfortable.

Here we go, aeral views.

Snow on the mountains, we could see this from below, but what a treat to see it from above.

The clouds are low, but not low enough to keep us from flying! This was to make up for the helicopter trip to the volcano that we didn’t take. We tried to take another helicopter over Franz Josef glacier, weather didn’t permit. So this ended up being an amazing experience.

Looking down on a lake.

I still can’t get over this beauty!!!

Coming into Queenstown.

Often, it’s the experiences one has that make life so rich. I am so blessed to have had this whole experience of New Zealand.


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