Random New Zealand

I rode 16 miles on a bike! An electric bike, which made it possible. Fighting Wellington winds and hills needs assistance.

On the wharf

Here we are, by the bay

The blown away Wellington sign, right by Weta studios. Where NZ films happen. Lord of the Ri gs of course.

Rode up a hill to get this view. Riding down was harder.

There is a lot of Art Deco, clearly NZ was in a boom growth period in the 30s.

I miss this store in LA! Nice to see it on home turf.

Same layout, much bigger store.

A small piece of fabric was bought.

Had to take the cable car, built around the same time as Angels Flight.

With the same incline. This one is much bigger.

on our way down the hill it started pouring We went through told cemetery and found the old Jewish section.


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