Shawl finished

It’s done, it’s not great, but wrapped around my neck it will be fine.

It didn’t really become a half circle, it’s a wonky shape. Here is a picture right off the needles, no blocking yet. Oh and sweater season arrived, I made this sweater years ago and still love it.

I was sure I had a shawl pin!! Must have gotten rid of it. And last weekend I could have bought a couple of lovely pins at Stitches Oh well. this is just a pin, Problem is the shawl falls over it. We’ll see what happens after I block it.

Before blocking, shape sin’t quite right.

Everything is scrunched and bunched. Time to get out the mats, wire and pins.

This is a very weird shape. Since it will be wrapped up around my shoulders and neck, it probably doesn’t matter.

Uh, oh, what am I seeing here?

Dropped stitches!! Urgggh. Once it’s dry I’ll simply pick up and close that hole.

I thought I’d enjoy working with lace-weight yarn. I was wrong. It’s back to sock-weight for me for shawls. Life changes.

I wove in the lose ends, I fixed the hole. It’s somewhere in this top section of the shawl. I can’t find it, and alll scrunched up on my neck, I doubt anyone will.

Now for the beauty shots.

It is an awkward shape, but crunched and bunched it works just fine.

It keeps my neck and shoulders warm, which is why wool is so amazing.

Those little bumps are from the pins. They will probably disappear soon. The whole shawl will gradually creep back to it’s original size. Blocking is something that has to be done every so often with lace. But knowing me, I’ll let it go.

One side view.

And the other. I’m glad this project is done. I might make a smaller shawlette next. We shall see.


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