Fun with Grandsons

I’ve been having a lot of fun exploring the South Bay. Had the boys for a day and we visited the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro. There is something so lovely about a small intimate aquarium.

Starting outside with a picture.

Cam was all about the sharks, he wanted to see sharks! Luckily this was the only great white we saw. We did see baby leopard sharks, their very weird rubbery eggs and even a shark still in it’s egg!

Sorry its such a fuzzy image, but in one of the tanks, they had a few eggs that were backlit. I guess the circle is the food, this shark is probably about to be born, he was moving around. I should have taken video.

Standing in a bubble with fish swimming around.

A Moray eel.

An octopus. There were many other things to see and a very helpful staff. I would definitely go back there.

They have a large steel fish out front, perfect for climbing on. There even is an IG hashtag, no I didn’t hashtag these.

We tried for a selfie.

Then we had lunch at an old time Italian restaurant. San Pedro really feels like it’s stuck in the 50s’, in a good way. Cam wanted Mac n Cheese. They didn’t have any, so I introduced him to fettuccini Alfredo – new favorite!! They gave us lollipops and mints. I gave them the lollipops, Cam is still demanding the mints a few days latter.

Labor Day weekend, we went to their beach. I’m the designated photographer, I don’t go into the Pacific unless it’s somewhere really warm.

West is quite brave.

Luckily Joel likes going into the ocean as well.

An hour, and we’re done. Walked back to the house to change. On the way back someone in a car was following us, hoping to get our parking spot – sorry, we’re with locals! Then it was back to the pier for Fiesta Hermosa. A lovely event.

At the Ocean Heat booth I bought two hand warmers. These are instant heat packs. Poor little baby has suffered some colic, so put the heat pack on her belly to help her relax and release gas. It worked!! Hoping it works more than once!

How cool is this mid-century apartment building?? It is very well maintained. This is a great example of mid-century. I’m not always a fan, but this one is a favorite of mine.


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