Another finish

First, I shared my Red and White at my quilt guild. I still need to make a label….

People asked me to write a pattern. Hell no!!! I know how much works goes into that. This quilt grew organically, there is no way I’d go back and try and recreate so ten people can buy it. Also, the center compass was designed by Judy Mathieson, I’m not stepping on her toes. Although I don’t call my quilts art, they are one of a kind and I derive no pleasure from others making the exact same quilt. I wouldn’t be insulted at all if someone reverse engineered this, more power to them.

Glue basting a baby quilt is so easy! Quilting it is also easier than a large quilt. This time, now rulers, just going with FMQ.

Simply quilting designs. I left the flower blades unquilted. Sure there were areas that I could have used a ruler, but why? I got the same effect with FMQ. The overall look is very pleasing and babies don’t care.

Cut and ready for binding. I wasn’t sure which binding to use. Often when I make a scrappy quilt, I make the binding out of a number of fabric. that is not what happened now.

I ended up using a fabric that wasn’t in the quilt at all. It has both green and purple – so perfect for this one!

I am loving the final product!

The quilting itself only took about 4 hours. Another four for the binding and hand embroidering the label. These days I’m less interested in giving each quilt a name. No, my last name isn’t on here, Einav will know me as Savta Leah, if someone in the future comes across this and has no idea who I am – I really don’t care. I’m about the here and now.

And now, for some artistic shots.

With Hibiscus. Btw, speaking of my garden, the flowers are incredible, my tomatoes? Not good at all. I’ve only had a few, they take forever to ripen and to be honest, don’t taste very good.

My bad, I don’t know the name of this red flower.

Best image of quilt with something – the baby herself!! Yes, she is getting bigger by the day.

We even did some tummy time, no crying, it almost looks like she is trying to turn over. She is so sweet, I’m still very much in love.

And now, I need to make her a stuffed animal, just like I did for the other five. She will get a moose from a Funky Friends pattern. One with bright floral fabric. Then I will be ‘done’ making her things for a while. She has received so many cute clothes, I can wait a few months before I make her something, maybe an outfit she will wear more than once…


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