Busy making things for new granddaughter.

Thank God I finished the red and white quilt. I’ve been busy making things for Einav.

First, fitted crib sheets. The pink umbrellas are for her, the yellow animals are for her brother. It’s not just about her.

I was at Michael Levines’ and I saw this fabric. Those look like mountain goats to me, so I had to get that fabric for Eyal. Btw, I’m very concerned about Michael Levines. They aren’t doing well. The shut down the home decorating store across the street. The main store just doesn’t feel right. They used to have a monthly flyer – a different sale every day. Now it’s just 20% across the board. They still have nice fabrics, but… Something felt very off. It appeared to me that there is less fabric. Even in the quilting cotton section, there were some empty shelves. I hope they aren’t going out of business, but.. I don’t know. It just didn’t feel right.

I went to Michael Levines’ rather than Candy’s because I thought they’d have a larger selection of cuddle fabric and double gauze. They didn’t, I’m very pleased with this pale pink and delicate print. But that was about all the choice I had. These blankets are easy to make and so wonderful. Eyal has two and he uses them all the time.

How cute is this fabric? It is so much fun sewing for girls.

So, here is the pile for Einav, crib sheet, soft blanket and something called a Swaddelini. Over a year ago I heard a podcast with the woman who invited this thing. Most newborns love to be wrapped very tighty in a swaddle. Most come loose quickly. This is a knit item that doesn’t come loose and grows with the child. I kept the info about this in the back of my mind. As soon as we got home, I placed my order. I’ll have to get reports to see if they use it and if it helps. She is beginning to get fussy, as all babies do by the time they are two weeks old.

I also started knitting a blanket. This is a cotton/bamboo yarn, so it won’t be very warm, but I just can’t knit with wool right now. I had just finished that sweater, and yes, while knitting it I was sweating.

Soon I’ll be done with the first border, most of the blanket is just stockinette, then the same border again. The yarn is very soft and comfortable to knit with.

At the farmers market, I took pictures of grapes. This will be the basis of my color scheme for the quilt I am planning. I have some ideas of how I’ll go about with this quilt.

It is so wonderful being busy making items for a granddaughter!


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