My red and white quilt is done!!!

It’s been over 9 months since I started this quilt. Of course I can blame the sewing machine table fiasco for the length of time it took to finish this. I didn’t want to start quilting until I had the large table. So it sat and sat.

I am thrilled with the result. I started with an oval mariners compass pattern from Judy Mathison, that was paper pieced. I really loved Edyta Sitar’s Alaska quilt. So I took elements from there as well.

I did a lot of ruler work on this quilt. The thread kept breaking. I know this has to do with moving in one particular direction. At some point I slowed down and that helped. But often when the thread broke, I’d just start again. Also, turns out that the white fabric I used wasn’t pure white. You know what they say about choosing White House paint… So the back and border are a brighter white. Oh well, that is just how it is.

Here and there I’d get a birds nest with the red thread on the back. That happened when I just rethread and started quilting without pulling the bobbin thread through to the top. Oh well. Once again, this quilt is for me. I’m not anxious to put it in shows. It is quite stunning and I’m not looking for perfection.

I am very pleased with the quilting. It was a lot of work, ruler work isn’t easy, but I love the results.

Here you can see some ruler work both on the red and on the large white area. There is also plenty of free motion quilting. Moving the quilt rapidly in all directions certainly prevents thread breakage. I also realized, don’t get too creative, repetition of pattern is very pleasing to the eye.

A white backing is lovely, it also shows all the mistakes.

I just love the quilting in this section. the squiggles, the circles, even the ruler work outlining the red patches. It came through here.

Fitting the oval into the overall pattern was a challenge. I just went for it, and it worked out beautifully.

While sewing on the binding, I looked up at the mirror across the room, had to take a picture of course.

Artistic photo. I used wool batting, I love the puffiness of the quilt. I still need to embroider a label. Basically, this is done, I’ll probably make Einav a quilt before I get around to labeling this one. I won’t be washing this one. I didn’t prewash the reds, some are old and from donations, they will probably bleed. So no washing.

And now, onto a quilt for Einav.


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