I have to finish a lot of projects…

With the arrival of a new granddaughter, I have a list of things to make here quilt, a knitted afghan, a stuffed animal. But first I want to finish projects I’m working on. I don’t want to set them aside.

First done is this sweater. Right off the needles. Before being blocked.

A more artsy picture, you can see how the ribbing is funky and the knitting isn’t smooth.

An artistic shot. You can see some of the reverse side of the FairIsle, nice smooth and loose.

I tried the sweater on before blocking. I didn’t even notice that the cuff is turned up. It is really hot and here I am outside with a wool sweater.

Fixed the cuff, but you can see how ‘unfinished’ this looks. Sort of like what happens if you sew a garment and don’t iron each seam as you go.

The sweater has soaked, I have laid it out flat and pushed it into shape. No need for pins here, this isn’t lace that needs to be stretched out to show the pattern.

Mostly dry. Everything is much smoother, the ribbing isn’t rolling up, the I-cord on the neck line is lying flat.

Sorry about the dumb, there is a tie on this dress and it is poking through. Everything about the sweaters smoother, more relaxed. I am so happy with the results.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve knit a pullover. The last few sweaters I knit didn’t please me all that much. I probably chose poorly designed patterns. I’m sorry this photo has my shoulders in the sun, but boy was it hot and I wanted it off quickly. The short rows really allow the back of the sweater to fit nicely. No, I’m not anxious for cold weather, I am still loving summer, but when it cools I will love wearing this.


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