Life’s big changes

Life changes in an instant, this time a good instant. I had been babysitting Eyal, his dads’ got home and I left. Half an hour later, a phone call. They had just heard from their adoption agency – a woman was having a c-section and chose them, could they come up to NorCal right now??? Not at that moment but the next morning they could. They asked me to come along to with what would very soon become big brother.

Early in the morning at the airport, sorry, part of the picture is blurry. This is the last picture of a family three.

Big helper! That is just my bag, next to it, the carseat for the new infant. Along with a lot of other crap. As soon as we got to the hospital, the two of them ran upstairs, I walked the neighborhood with Eyal. We weren’t sure if we’d be allowed up. Mother’s choice. Within 40 minutes, we were upstairs and there I am, holding my newest granddaughter.

Healthy, small, beautiful and a redhead! Just like one of her fathers.

There were even moments of open eyes.

Big brother meeting new baby sister. Sorry about the booger under his nose, I’ll blame all the excitement. Yes, it was cleaned off quickly.

First picture with family of four!!!

And with Savta (grandma) in the picture as well.

She is sooo tiny! This newborn stage doesn’t last long.

Eyal and I didn’t spend too much time at the hospital. We went to playgrounds, the hotel pool, the library and the supermarket. I love these carts, later I saw one that was like a firetruck. Oh well, pink is now a big part of their new family.

The Dads’ got a room in the hospital so they could stay with her. Eyal and I had a room together in a hotel. He was so good and well behaved. Really the only meltdown was at the TSA line on the way home. He expressed what all of us in line were feeling. I love it that we were recipients of one of those hats that ladies knit for the preemies. No, thank God, she isn’t preemie, but they had a hat and she got one. Pink of course!

We went to the local Farmers market, look at the size of the watermelon! It is purely coincidence that he is wearing his watermelon shirt. Right now this is his favorite fruit.

We made it home safely, traveling with a 3 day old, that is an experience. She was so good. Not everyone noticed her, those who did wondered if I was carrying a doll. It is so rare to see a newborn, especially at airports.

Here she is! One week old, she is eating, pooping and sleeping so well. So she’ll fill out those chicken legs. Also, in week, she will exit the blob stage, at two weeks babies start with issues, hopefully no colic, but more crying.

Oh, her name, she has a name! Einav Danielle. A- Nov – as in the start of the word novice. Emphasis on the second syllable. She is named for my grandmother Arlene, who was also a red head. Einav means grape in Hebrew, which connects in other ways to the families. My crazy maiden name Lozowick might mean branch of the vine, that is what Israeli relatives told us when they Hebraicized that name. My last name Kabaker could be a derivation of Inn keeper, so we’ve been told. So the grape is filling. Danielle is in honor of Yoch’s father who passed away years ago.

Now, to revel in another grandchild and thank God for all my blessings.


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