Knitting and sewing

My poor quilt has been languishing again. Mostly because of the sleeping bag.

I need to get my head back into this project, this is the longest it’s ever taken me to get a quilt done. Since I put this down, I figure it is easy to pick up some garment sewing.

I put one one of the skirts I made. The other is the same simple pattern, but it is in the laundry right now.

A while later I took another picture, yup, cotton gets wrinkled.

Skirts are very easy to sew and not easy to find in the stores. Yes, I enjoy shopping for clothes as well as making them. The other day someone commented on how cute this skirt is. I think part of the reason is that one can’t find a skirt like this in any store. I’ll be honest, I shop the TJ max and Nordstrom Rack type stores, and they carry skirts, but never something like this.

I knew when I bought this shirt that it would probably be too big and boxy, and it is. But it is made out of linen, I am such a sucker for linen. I love wearing it, it really is the most comfortable fabric in hot weather. Looking at this picture I see how boxy it is, way too boxy. Not flattering at all. Even if the color does look ok on me.

So I went inside and served the side seams. Still boxy, but better, I’m not swimming in a tent. Also, I now use my phone as a remote control and I’m trying to figure out how to use it without the phone being front and center in the picture.

At least in this image, the phone blends in with the background.

Look how cute this fabric is, old fashioned floral, but look closely, there are bees! I love the bees!

Last time I showed you my knitting progress, I was finishing up the yoke. Since then I’ve knit the whole body. I just didn’t take pictures.

This pattern uses short rows to make the back higher than the front. I love that. I’m sure the sweater will fit nicely.

A number of friends have commented on the color choices. It is unique. I love the green.

If I wear wool tights with the cotton yellow skirt, I’ll be able to wear this sweater with the skirt. We shall see, they would look very nice together.


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