A sleeping bag

I can’t believe that Eyal is about to turn two. Where does the time go? He is also moving on from day care to Nursery School, yes there will be a component of day care as well. He will be napping there and needs to bring his own sleeping bag and pillow.

I had just gotten an email about this new pattern. I have enjoyed Melly’s patterns before, mostly toys. So why not, give it a try.

Since Eyal means mountain goat in Hebrew, I went looking for goat fabric. I found some!! It was the end of the bolt, but I was going to make it work!

One of the first things I did was make the ears. The pattern is ok, I think she is writing it for people who don’t really know how to sew that well.

There was a lot of appliqué, I used the buttonhole stitch on the sewing machine. One thing I didn’t understand from the picture and took me a while to realize is that the face is on the bottom of the bag, so when the bag is put together, the kids’ head is on the face.

It is a mummy style back, Eyal will need to crawl in. I decided to make that a little easier for him.

I left some of the side open and put a large button, it can either be closed or not.

I put his name on the back. I love how the ears peek over the top.

The name is appliquéd as well, I ironed on a tiny label with my name. I need to get larger labels. Last time I ordered I got ‘clothing labels’. oh well.

Hanging out.

I made a matching pillowcase. As you can see, I only had enough of the goat fabric left for them to run perpendicular to the pillow case. Hey, at least they are there.

Here is a better view of the side opening with pillow case. I think it will make it just so much easier to use. I like this better than a zipper.

Since I’ve been on an animal kick, it wa nice to showcase them together. The elephant stays here, even though I think all the grandkids would want him.

The pillow case functions as a bag for the sleeping bag. It will up to his dads to get him a pillow. I know his will be the best sleeping bag in the whole school. I rarely sell my work, but boy do I love having it out in the world with people I love.


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