A fun day with Shira for her birthday

Spending a few hours with my granddaughter doing those fun things together. We went to the Farmers market for Sushi

…and ice cream. Summer is here, we needed ice cream. I’m not sure anyway pays any attention to this travel angel. He’s got to be close to 30 years old. This is from back in the day when NYC had cows all over the place, so LA chose angels. There are fewer of them still around. The reason this guy looks so good is he is protected from the elements, and to be honest I don’t think most people even see him

She wanted a hot pink LA hat! She also wanted some books. We did go into the American Girl store, just to look. Even though she probably would love one of those dolls, she knows that it is waaaayy too pricey.

Yes, she thought the Grove is amazing! Was mesmerized by the fountain. This is her book bag. Since we were walking around a lot I told her to only bring one book. But we did buy a couple of books at Barnes and Noble, no she didn’t need a bag for them, she brought her own book bag.

One of the benefits of being a docent at LACMA for so long is that I have free parking. There isn’t much to see at LACMA these days, they are getting ready to tear down the old and build new. But in the park behind the museum is the Page Museum, they have expanded with all kinds of displays about the tar pits and what they are finding in them. No, we didn’t go there either. We were looking for this.

This installation is called Second home Serpentine Pavillion. It will be here for a couple of months. It is some sort of collaboration between a British group and a Spanish artist. I guess there will be events taking place here.

It’s made out of tubing, plastic, mylar, and a lot of what looks like rubber bands.

Here is the central ‘room’. Bright, colorful and very hot.

Shira had enough of me taking pictures at this point. Which is unusual, she is quite a ham when a camera is around.

The bands create an interesting affect.

Especially if you look down on the ground to see the reflections.

Now here a great image. Good model, mylar walls and wonderful reflections.

Selfie time!! We had a great time, I won’t be waiting for her next birthday to do something like this again.


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