Flowers of summer

This year the flowers just won’t stop, my roses keep pushing out more gorgeous blooms. Usually by now they are putting their efforts into just staying green.

This time I combined them with some succulents from the garden, who are also having a field day.

An iris I haven’t seen bloom in years popped up. I probably need to transplant these to an area with more sun. But even the shade won’t stop these this year.

Not my gladioli, but look at those deep intense colors!

They go perfectly with the hot red Cannas.

According to the calendar, we are deep into summer. Here in So Cal, it has still been quite pleasant. August and September are our very hot dry months. But the flowers don’t bloom by the temperature, I think it’s the length of the day that signals to them to bloom.

I think of Naked Ladies being here in the heat of summer. As you can see, these bright pink lily’s bloom on bare naked stalks. That leaf in the background is from another plant.

Usually these are like cacti flowers, so ethereal and delicate in the hot blazing sun.

They are showing up and blooming on time. I just so happens that as the east and the midwest swelter – we are still having temperatures in the 80’s. That changes next week, hello mid 90 degree weather.

I don’t know what this is, but it is very unique.

OMG! Look at this butterfly! especially the last picture where I actually captured all of him! I know, as bright as he is, he gets lost in the lantana. I am loving my camera so much. It allows me to get pretty sharp images of this guy.

Sorry, not a great picture, took it on my phone through glass. I did want to scare this fellow away, but I wanted the picture. This little hummingbird has become quite territorial. He sits out here all day and scares all the other humming birds away. So where I used to have four birds on the feeder, now it’s only this guy. I guess all creatures can become nasty given the chance. I’m calling this guy my little socialist, he didn’t provide the food, all he’s doing is hoarding and keeping all other hummingbirds away. I guess he feels that he has the right to control the distribution. Oh well, even nature isn’t fair. If he is still doing this next week, I’m naming him Bernie.


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