More cactus

I don’t need to wait for a fancy cactus show, although those are a lot of fun. I put on the macro lens on may camera and went out for a walk.

The macro lens really captures a lot of the details that one normally overlooks.

Shades of grey and sharp spikes.

This close up, the spikes look deadly. To someone, they are.

All the dust and webs make their appearance. Look at the pattern created by the shades of green.

Yikes, look at that gravel, when I brought this home the box tipped over and the gravel settled everywhere. In my purse, all over the car seat and in the crevices of the plants. Since then I’ve hosed this guy off.

Storybook image of a cactus.

Pull back a little and just enjoy the textures.

Ahh, the prickly pear. Native to Mexico, it found it’s way to Israel where it is called the Sabra. Prickly on the outside, sweet on the inside, just like most Israelis.

These are sports, a freak of nature, the only way they can survive is being grafted onto a strong base. I’m seeing all these little babies, that is how you get more.

These were not growing in someone’s garden. They were outside a store on Ventura Blvd. I remember the first time I saw a red sport, I was amazed by the color. Someone is propagating these, you can find them everywhere. Grafted on simple cacti of course.


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