Dapper Dan

So what name do I give this quilt? Why Dapper Dan of course.

I have to relearn how to quilt FMQ,, since I’m not fighting with the quilt keeping it in place!

I had fun with the quilting. I tried to make a cohesive spiral behind the boy, it’s a little wonky, but fine for free hand. I did use my walking foot, which created the drop on the fabric, I do need to wash this, so it might just pucker up a little more.

Just the boy.

Close up of the head and the swirls in the background.

The legs and the more angular quilting on the bottom.

Boy and girl together. I’m not sure why the girl is slightly smaller. I like that behind her I have a diamond and behind the boy I have the spiral. I also rounded the corners on her quilt and left the corners on the boy quilt square.

Side by side. I am hoping that some friend either has a baby or a grand baby. I have no one in mind for these yet. I’m sure someone will claim these soon. I have to say, I feel the boy colors are much more vibrant, I wish I had used stronger colors for the girl. Live and learn.

Artistic shot that isn’t all that artistic.

I’m so glad I had these labels printed up at Spoonflower. I even left some room for a baby’s name.

So, did I love this project? No, I’m not sorry to have made these, but no, I won’t make anymore. I know, the irregularities are part of the design, but I like a little more accuracy. That is a lot of work to create what sort of looks like cross stitch. I know that some very happy baby will get these at some point.

I have my Red and White to quilt, but I’m going to wait a bit, like a few days. I want to think carefully about how I will quilt it. These two I sort of thought of the diamond and swirl and then just used filler, I think I want to plan out the red and white a little more.


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