Best Vacay Ever!!!

In the words of my granddaughter, our trip to Club Med in Ixtapa was the best. She is right.

We went there 28 years ago. That’s me, with Erez and Elk.

Erez grew up, Aytan is probably around the same age his father was then.

On the flight out, Aytan got to check out the cockpit, does he look like a happy kid? No worries, they didn’t let him stay there to actually fly the plane.

Then we arrived in paradise. The resort in a cove with a small island that blocks most of the wind and waves. So the water is warm, calm and delightful. One of the few places where I enjoy going into the Pacific Ocean. The beaches in Cabo aren’t great and the water is colder. Although the water in Puerto Vallarta is warm, the beaches aren’t great. Hawaii has good beaches, but a 3 hour vs. 5 hour flight…

There were photographers on staff taking a lot of pictures, Shira was a favorite subject. I got plenty of my own.

This post is mostly us, there will be others. I did bring my nice camera, but only took it out occasionally.

This is the view from our room, can you see how hazy and blurry it is. That is because it was extremely hot and humid. Took me a few days to adjust. My camera wasn’t very happy either. So I didn’t take it out much. Certainly not if I thought I’d be sitting by the beach. The humidity is bad enough, I didn’t want and involved.

The bathtub, um, I mean the pool was nice for the kids. There were two side by side, a baby pool and the larger one that was maybe 4′.

Best thing I bought there was this pool ring. Aytan figured out that he could use it in the ocean, (sorry, not pictures), which was really great because he isn’t really swimming yet and that afforded him so much freedom. Oh and all the guys ended up getting Club Med Swim shirts.

Shira had a blast!

So did Aytan! With all his issues, there were concerns, but he did amazingly well. I have to commend the Kid Club, Tuki-Tuki. They were incredible! The kids usually spent the mornings with us and the afternoons in the club. They handled Aytan very well. He even loved going in the evening to the kid club events.

Having Shira participate in a song and dance performance is expected. We loved the fact that Aytan went and danced as well. Nothing better than seeing my grandson improve, grow and develop. He really had a great time.

Because the grandkids did so well, their parents had an amazing time as well. They were able to do their own thing as well as just revel in how well the kids were doing. It was a much deserved vacation for them. While there they got some very good news about Aytan and his schooling for next year. Fighting the system tooth and nail for over five years is paying off.

I love how the camera caught Shira the second she let go of the arrow. You can even see it in flight. And this was on my phone camera!

Aside from a great location, Club Med does an incredible job. The food was fresh, very tasty and a little too plentiful… we all over ate. The GOs, which is what the staff is called are amazing. Often they would sit with us at a meal so we got a chance to meet people from all over. There was a group of college students from a Hotel management school in Montreal, they are all going to go far. There were people from Australia, all over Mexico and Haiti. Sure they are trained to be welcoming, but they embrace it gladly. I was super impressed with the kids councilors, every week a new batch of kids, every day different kids show up and yet they managed them all so well.

I know how blessed I am in my life. I am grateful for everything and am so glad we could take our kids and grandkids on this amazing adventure.


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