I finished a knitting project

I’m not knitting as much as I used to, which is sort of funny. One of my quilting friends has no sewing mojo and is knitting like crazy! But I did finish the shawl I was knitting out of my Chilean merino yarn.

I sort of adapted the pattern because, the pattern called for sport weight yarn and I was knitting with bulky. Also, it was yarn chicken the whole way since I had no idea how much I needed. I’m happy to say I won, without much left over.

Then the shawl fell off the fence, so I took a picture where it lay.

Then I went all creative. My hibiscus has shared at least twice as many blooms this year than any year in the past! Thank you winter rains!

My selfie stick died, my arms aren’t quite long enough. I’d have to set up the tripod to get an image from the back.

OK, that is a little better, I think you get a better idea of the shawl. And now, it will live in a drawer for months, probably until December. This is very warm wool and it’s gotten hot. Sure I’ll wear a shawl when it’s cool, but this time of year – linen, not heavy wool.

My Slimline Daylight arrived!! Here we go, an image in natural daylight, no lights on.

Compare and contrast! Look how bright this is!

Now, I need to start working on quilting the boy quilt!


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