Fair Oaks Pharmacy

I’ve been driving Aytan to his school in South Pasadena for six months now. Just once a week, but still I’m in South Pasadena once a week. So you’d think that I would have visited this landmark before now.

The building and the business are over 100 years old. What they are really famous for is their Soda Fountain. And yes, Fair Oaks Ave is on the original Route 66.

I love old Blade advertising. This is neon, I wonder if it is lit up at night. I’m only here in the day time.

So here we are, a lunch counter, as well as tables and chairs. I tried to bring Aytan here to try the ice cream, but he wanted frozen yogurt so we went to Menchies instead.

I love how this old time place is decorated. The live plants, the hexagon tile floor. The use, of ceiling tiles on the backdrop of the counter.

Yes, there is more to this pharmacy than just the soda fountain. There is a real pharmacy, but most of the space is used to sell wonderful items.

Like old fashioned candy. Maybe these Hershey’s isn’t old, but I’ve never seen these before.

Sorry, I got my finger in the picture, how unprofessional of me! Gummi teeth and gummy piggies. I’ve never seen those before. You can see some candy corn, but really, who eats that stuff!

This is even stranger, Chicken feet??? I use them for making a great chicken broth, but as a candy? I’m sure they all taste the same, but these different shapes are unusual and fun.

Wax bottles? I remember as a child having wax candy lips. Those adorable tennis balls? They are jaw-breakers, a woman was buying them. I’m sure they sell a lot of this candy, it is so novel.

First time I’ve seen this kind of packaging for buttered pop corn flavored Jelly Belly. I love the packaging, the truth is, I can’t stand this flavor. I love real pop corn, but I alway try and avoid the white ones cuz I’m scared I’ll get the pop corn flavor. Someone must like it, its selling.

Then they sell old fashioned games and toys. I wonder if there is some copywrite about pin the tail on the donkey.

I am so tempted to buy this knitting set, I also wonder if this wooden train set fits the Ikea wooden train, which is just a knock off of the Brio trains.

Also tempted to buy this loom, it looks like the real thing, with a real shuttle. I may have to get it as part of a birthday present for Shira.

Yes, it’s the tapestry weaving set that I like, but look at the names of these other games!! Sooo tempting!

I had these two as a child. I bet the people who buy these are like me, nostalgic. How do we explain this to our grandkids?

A wonderful visit back in time. So glad I made a point to stop in.


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