So Cam had his third birthday party. What with the move and all, it was at an indoor gym. I don’t think his parents will ever go back to hosting on their own, this is so much easier.

Yup, he had a ball!

Jumping on the trampoline with his cousins and friends.

It was in the old neighborhood, so it was also goodbye to old friends.

All the cousins were here to help celebrate.

Dinosaur cake! Thank you Ralphs, they really make the best birthday cakes. All Cam wanted was chocolate cake. He’s been having it when he comes here… uh, oh, we’ve created a chocolate monster.

I just noticed, he had more than four candles to blow out!

Girl Cameron and boy Cameron enjoying birthday cake. They are just one month apart.

There was also pizza, what is a birthday without pizza! Notice that Westley really like eating his fruit!

Eyal had cake on his own birthday, he is learning how yummy cake is!


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