The Japanese Garden

On Mothers’ day we went here for a visit. I have been here a few times and really need to come back and spend more time.

Right next to the Tillman Water reclamation plant is a wonderful Japanese garden. Well, it’s actually on the grounds of the sewage reclamation plant. I wish we had more of these in CA. Sure, the water all goes to Lake Balboa, the LA river and irrigating a lot of golf courses and public parks. It actually is clean enough to go back into our pipes, probably cleaner, but at least this is some very good local recycling.

The Japanese garden was installed in order to show how useful this plant is. My sons live nearby and they do say, that sometimes, early in the morning, they get a whiff of sewage. Some of us get that whiff just walking down the street these days….

There are a lot of water features here, along with very traditional Japanese plants. The structure in the back is a tea house. It is available for rent for events.

Waterfalls, an important element in a garden, as it aerates the water as well as creates very soothing sounds.

This is the largest waterfall. I’m sure some pretty heavy ground movers were used to excavate the garden and create different levels.

I think these three are trying to push the rock into the water.

It was Sunday, there were plenty of people there. I love how the cousins get along so well.

I love so much about this image. Four kids in the same small area, each in their own world.

On the roof of the tea house there is this very interesting gutter, it appears to be made out of metal, which I think is unusual.

Aside from people, there are plenty of birds. Because of the reclamation plant, there is plenty of water in the LA river just down stream. That area has become a bird sanctuary. One of these days I need to find some birders to go with and get an education.

More geese with the Brutalist headquarters in the background. I’m not a fan of brutalist architecture, but I’m willing to take another look.

One more goose. Btw, most of them hang out in Lake Balboa which is just across Woodley Ave, I guess some of them want to be away from the crowds.


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