Some knitting progress

I need to find a new way to showcase my shawls. I had been using the sewing dummy. Well, as I clean out the room, I got rid of that. Then again, my new camera is so amazing, I may simply take more selfies.

My DIL Becky asked me to repair a pair of socks I made her. Nope, not happening, but I will knit a new pair.

Trying it on as I knit, the joy of magic loop knitting. A friend recently asked me for some DPNS, I do have a few I never use. I’m on that flexible needle no matter what.

I have finished these socks and have handed them over. I have another ball of yarn so will probably end up knitting a pair for myself as well.

I immediately started on a pair for Joel, and forgot to take any pictures. That is until I finished the first sock. I’m too lazy to clean up the picture and get rid of the yarn tail, that got clipped off right after the picture was taken.

I’m now working on sock number two and decided that I better get some pictures. Using my macro lens of course, because come on, I need to have some fun.

A closer look. How beautiful is this yarn. It is hand dyed, goes from purple, through grey to green – then back again. I bought it at Road to California just two weeks ago.

This sock is being knit from the center out so that it will match the first one.


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