Back to my Red and White

After not working on this quilt for almost a month, it is a little hard getting back to it. Especially since I’m so excited about a redesigned sewing room. But I can’t wait for that – it’s probably 2 months or more away.

I know, I do have a design wall, but it’s upstairs so I often will simply use the floor, to my detriment as you will soon see.

Once I finished a whole corner, I went and put it on the design wall.

Here is a close up of the corner, a few things caught my eye. I could use some more contrast at the outer edges. Also, I love breaking the wall of blocks. So it would be better if instead of the two dark diamonds on the big star, I had the same red/white print.

I really noticed that when I had created more blocks. Luckily these aren’t sewn on yet, but this is what a wall is for. I can stand back and see how dark the red is. I know, plenty of people would do this on a program like EQ8, me, I like doing it as I quilt. I’m in no rush, I’m not selling any pattern, this is the creative process for me.

I switched out the dark red triangles for brighter polka dot whens, which is great, but this is when I noticed that I’d prefer the light diamonds instead of the dark ones. Fine tuning the balance.

Much better!! Now I feel like I am enjoying the direction this is going!

So now I’m wondering if I will be using more of the dark read in the centers – between the corner blocks. I’m also wondering how big this quilt will be. I might bite the bullet and have it 50″ x 60″. Or I may do some kind of border. We shall, see, I have a ways to go before I need to tackle that.


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