A weekend full of grandkids

It is so true, nothing is better than grandkids. I’m so blessed to have them all near-by.

Saturday afternoon was Jacuzzi time.

Spending the weekend with Saba and Savta means getting an ice-cream cone for dessert. Is it any surprise that these two want to come back here again, asap?

Eyal and his dads joined us at the park. Btw, there is nothing better than these simple umbrella strollers. We’ve had this one for nine years. All of the grandkids have used it. Later in the afternoon we took it to the aquarium, what a life saver.

Enjoying the see-saw.

I love how Eyal photobombed this image of Westley sliding along.

Sand is often the best part of a playground.

Then it was off to the Aquarium, I didn’t take many pictures, it was a real mob scene.

These two love their big cousin Shira, she loves being the leader of the pack.

Aytan enjoying the birds.

I must say, slept extremely well on Sunday night. These guys are so much fun but very exhausting!


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