Goodbye 2018, hello 2019

Our annual New Years Eve party got pushed off to the weekend. We did have Aytan sleep over, which was nice, but New year doesn’t feel special in any way. I didn’t even watch the whole parade. I must be getting old and jaded. The floats are lovely, the bands are nice, the horses regal and yet – two hours is just too much. There is this massive build up to Christmas, then in one day it’s over and done. I’ve even seen people throw their Christmas trees out in the afternoon of Christmas day. So I guess, rather than a massive let down, there is a slow let down, ending with New Years.

I don’t show a lot of my cooking here, but I do love to cook. One of my favorite tools is the Instant Pot. I use it all the time. So on New Years Eve I went to the market, hoping to buy some Israeli salads, specifically, Babaganuche, the kind made with Tehina, not mayonnaise. There was only one woman behind the deli counter and she didn’t really appear to want to help much. So I bought eggplants, cooked them for about 7 minutes in the pot – so they’d be cooked through. Then I burned them on the stove top!

The deli just lost a customer. Not a lot of work and amazingly good! The burnt flavor, adding a lot of garlic, lemon juice and Tehina. OMG! It was superb!

I have been knitting. I bought a kit, it’s odds and ends of stripped yarn. The intention is to make exactly what I did – two socks that are a pair but don’t match. I even have enough leftover to make fingerless mitts.

I knit this back in the summer-fall. I wasn’t happy with the result at all. Sure it looks fine here, but that is because you can’t see how awkward the cap of the left sleeve is. Also, a little short. Here I knit a whole sweater and I’m not happy.

You know what’s nice about yarn? (unlike fabric). I can frog the whole sweater and save most of the yarn. Which is exactly what I did. So here I am, knitting myself a shawl.

It will be a repeat of this shawl. The yarn is thinner, so it might be a little smaller. I am adding some rows. We’ll see. This shawl went to a friend in Texas.

Look what I got in return. She crocheted this beautiful delicate scarf, as well as sending a mug and chocolate. Life is good!


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