Indian Star

That is what I am calling this quilt right now, not sure the name will stick.

Here I go, adding the background. Yes, the instructions were to cut the square in half. Being obstinate, I didn’t, and I will pay the price, this doesn’t lie perfectly flat.

Loving this star against the background.

Adding a border, this is going to be a large quilt.

Trying to get a picture of the guilt top in the wind. I included a border of the background purple all around.

Next try. I really like how before I quilt, the light shines through like stained glass.

Onto my least part of the process, glue basting the quilt. Luckily the wind did die down! As I was doing this I discovered that I am going to have some big problems quilting. I think I mentioned that this top isn’t flat, it really isn’t. Somehow I will need to ease in a fair amount of fabric.

I snapped this picture completely by accident. I was about to delete it and yet there is something about this. There is movement and most of the image is out of focus. I like it!

Quilting the star, one thing I can say about quilting, it adds dimension. The Spines will have the same quilt pattern, the rest of the blade is a simple orange peel.

This is a better image of the quilting. Simple yet effective. I am dreading the background, I can already see that I will have plenty of fabric to ease in. I was thinking of some walking foot quilting… now I’m not so sure that will work. Oh well, on to finish the star!


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