Birdhouse in Paradise

William Mellenthin built over 3000 homes in the LA area, mostly in the San Fernando Valley. The one story ranch house was king. He put a special twist on his – a cupola facing the street with Dovecotes, or bird houses.

Some are falling into disrepair or being torn down to make way for McMansions. So now, when I’m out and about, I’m busy taking pictures of them.

The cupola isn’t always in the same location, and on this house, it appears there is room for more birds.

People get creative by putting birds in the bird houses.

Or putting a weathervane with a bird on top.

Here is a very well loved Birdhouse ranch style home. Look at the stained-glass ‘shutters’. Very much in the Frank Lloyd Wright tradition, as well as the planters underneath. I wonder if the shingles are new, many of these homes are simply stucco.

Right down the street there is such a home that is already behind the tall green fence – that means one thing. It’s getting torn down.

I don’t know if I’ve shared this teardrop trailer before. It sits outside a home. I was very pleased to see that it merits it’s own Christmas decorations.

Speaking of Christmas – which is now over for the year.

I made this quilt back in the spring. I’m selfish with my quilts, if I don’t keep them myself, they go to people I really care about. Michael has been a dear friend for many years, I love that he loves the gift.


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