Palm Desert

I went to visit a friend in the desert. Had a lovely lovely time.

She lives in Sun City, we went out early enough in the morning to walk by the golf course. We saw golfers in the distance, somehow a ball managed to land right near us…..

Somehow This area manages to recycle and use water for all this grass. I’m not a desert lover, I’m ok with the desert plants but I do love the green.

Last time I was here, Sunnylands was closed. I’m happy to say that this time we were able to visit. Sunny lands . Only the public gardens, for the house tour one needs to order tickets far in Advance. This was the CA home of the Annenbergs, in keeping with the midcentury modern home – the visitor center at the gardens is in a similar style.

Here is the view from the back. Most of the gardens are desert and native plants. Once again, I do love this large expanse of grass. I did see families enjoying the grass with their kids. Green is so soothing.

This is more like it, barrel cacti and Palo Verde trees. As well as a few reflecting pools. It didn’t take long for me to take off my jacket, although in the desert, nights and mornings can get cold.

We walked through the maze, no they will not have large hedges growing here. This is for meditative purposes, to be honest, we walked through to the center, then stepped over the greenery to get out.

A lot of the garden looks like this. Cacti and succulents come in many sizes shape and colors. Standing back brings forth a very pleasing image. Beyond the fence and the trees is the largest portion of the estate. That is where conferences happen. One of these days, I’ll arrange to take a tour.

Now you see it, the monarch butterfly, not the tree stump.

Now you don’t. Nature is amazing at both disguise as well as bright scary warnings.

A fan palm.

A giant asparagus stalk reaching to the sky! Well really the flower stalk of an agave.

A river bed, created out of plants. Kudos to the designer of this garden, so much to see, so many different types of settings. What a gift, the garden is free to the public. You know that maintaining this takes a lot of time, work and effort. Kudos!

Hearts and Love!!!


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