Two quilts at the same time

You know I’m working on my red and white quilt.

I’m pleased with this as a frame for the compass.

I started building the white background. Once again, using Deb Tuckers’ rulers as a guide to get those angles right.

I think this will work!!

So far so good with the hand appliqué, sure if you look closely there are some wrinkles. This is where the quilting will come in and smooth everything out.

Meanwhile, I needed a simpler project for my Tuesday sew day at Quilts n Things.  

Something simple, like a Lone star made from a jelly roll.

Jordan Fabrics  has wonderful tutorials on YouTube as well as a print out. I recently bought the 2.5″ strip cutter for the accuquilt, so I got busy diminishing my stash – just a little.

Strips cut and put into bundles.  Next at the shop I sewed groups of three together and cut diamonds.

I started sewing them together.

I’m noticing that my diamonds aren’t as random. At some point I re-watch the video. For now, I’m very happy with this result. Oh, and the seam ripper got a real work out. Of course it did, most used tool in my sewing room.

Since it is such a scrappy star, I actually like that the colors aren’t that random.

Very nice looking and now for background.

I chose this purple grunge. Lana immediately said it looks very Indian to her. She is so right, I am getting a very Indian vibe not only from the purple but from the other colors. 

It will be three weeks before I get back to the store, so I am going to concentrate on this and finish at home. The Red and white will just have to wait. I have a recipient in mind and I want this done sooner rather than latter.


2 thoughts on “Two quilts at the same time”

    1. It’s not a pattern, It’s something I’m cobbling together on my own. The center oval Mariners compass is from Judy Mathesons book – Mariners compass, she does give the pattern for that, which is a good thing, because it would be too hard to draft an oval Mariners compass.

      the surrounding blocks are being somewhat adapted from Laundry basket quilt’s pattern Alaska.

      I’ve been quilting on and off for 40 years, I’m more interested in either creating my own or adapting blocks in interesting ways. And no, there is no way in hell I’d try to write up a pattern. I respect those who do publish patterns, but that won’t be me.

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