Hanukkah oh Hanukkah!

We got Hanukkah out of the way early this year, now I can enjoy other people getting ready for Christmas while my shopping and decorating are all done.

We got together on the last night with the whole family. This is before the mayhem. Gifts all in order and wrapped. Grandkids having fun with markers and sticker. Boy do I love Dollar tree!

Just look how busy they all are. I understand that some of those markers got on the table instead of the paper. Which is why I am very careful to only buy the washable kind.

We enjoyed a great meal, Yishai actually made a massive amount of potato latkes. Of course we didn’t finish them all, he had plenty to take to work.

Eyal got a little squirmy, he just wanted to get to the gifts.

Gathering together to light the candles.

Lighting the candles. Yishai found the perfect ugly Hanukkah sweater, it’s got those two sided sequins, so the lights can light up.

The fun begins, opening the gifts.

Everyone was very excited.

Aytan and Shira got some great toys.

This was the year that Eyal really enjoyed opening the gifts. I’m sure he’ll enjoy the toys, but this year, it’s all about tearing off that paper.

These two love lego. It was fun finding a basic lego kit, nowadays everything is geared to build a specific item, rather than just handing them blocks and just letting them be creative.

Our adult gift exchange included a lot of games, something the older kids really enjoy. They need to get together to play all these games. Joel got a lava lamp!

Janet told us that a relative of ours had the original distribution rights. Which explains why I never heard of him. He must have made a fortune and didn’t want relatives coming out of the woodwork after his money.

This is what I got, a hybrid of coloring books and diamond painting. I’ve already started, relaxing and fun.

I wish I could say that I’m over all those holiday carbs, but I’m not. I guess I’ll have to wait until after the new year for that to happen.


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