Creativity in process

So here is a peak into how I design a quilt. I showed you the inspiration, I created the center, this will be a medallion style quilt.

Next up, based on the Alaska blocks I started recreating blocks in different sizes.

I understand why people like buying patterns, I feel that way about sweater patterns. Let someone else do all the hard work. But with quilting, I love the ‘reverse engineering’. Figuring out on my own how to design blocks. Btw, don’t Google (or in my case use Duck Duck Go) to figure out how to make an octagon.  I’m sure I can do it with my compass. The first post I saw said divide the square in 3 and connect all dots. Wrong!  That isn’t what I did here, but whatever I did, didn’t work out.

I’m sure there is an easier way, but I pulled out Deb Tuckers rulers and arrived here. So It’s all good. This is a 12″ block, which I think might be too big. Back to the cutting board.

I decided to use colors close to my final red and white, just so it would look better next to the center compass.  10″ isn’t a standard size, once again, fiddling with Deb Tuckers rulers, I think I have it down.

Why I love the design wall, it makes a difference.

I like the size of the 10″ block, I feel it works well, not too small, not over powering.

This is called designing on the fly. I like what I have here, I have no idea how I will fill in the sides. I haven’t even measured that open space. I’ll figure something out, that is part of the fun. Putting a puzzle together, one that provides warmth and comfort.


Honey bear was gifted to mom to be Masha. Along with some adorable dresses. Yup, the bear was a hit.

Look what Maria made, that is all cross stitch. I love having talented friends!


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