Busy, busy, busy

I shared the quilt with the Valley MQG. It’s getting a lot of admiration. Soon it will go to it’s rightful owner. I know she really isn’t expecting something like this.

A knitting friend is expecting a baby girl soon. Shower is next weekend, I had to get busy quickly.This is Honey bear from Funky Friends. A free pattern. I made it once before as a gift for someones first grandchild. I think it got lost en-route, because I never heard a word about it. This one I’m personally handing to the mom.Funky  Friends Factory designs the best toys!! I have bought many of her patterns, the fox, the cat and even an elephant I’ve yet to make. Since this is going to a baby, I not only embroidered the nose, but the eyes as well. There is no such thing as security eyes that a baby can’t remove. The ribbon can be removed, it’s just an extra touch. View from the top.and from the bottom. If the label falls off, oh well, that is fine.

I had a big holiday party this weekend.  I’ve been having it for ten years now, some people have been coming that long, some were new faces. It was about 25 people, my strategy is, I make a big pot of chili, some meat and potatoes, green bean casserole, because I don’t make that for Thanksgiving and a large store bought Lasagna. I ask the guests to bring appetizers and desserts – it works out really well.

No pictures. These days the only reason I’m on FB is because of some groups I follow, I haven’t posted in months and won’t post anymore. I’m on Instagram and I do share some of the same things I share here.  For me Instagram is about creativity, the moment someone goes political – they are gone.  Twitter for the breaking news – that platform is a cess-pool of ugliness, I put up with politics there, I’m also very selective about who I follow.   The people I  follow some very honorable people who share very good information. Everything is a compromise.

We had a discussion last night about how bad social media is. A college professor had some horror stories about how things have changed in the 15 years she’s been teaching. I met many of these people through blogs – but that is very different than social media.  We certainly live in interesting time.

For me this party is about being present in the moment with friends, no need to document it expect this one thing:

I love the friends who brings me Single malt, and not just any single malt, a really good one! He doesn’t even drink the stuff! I like how my window decals have cast this shadow on the wall.  Btw, I have hardly made a dent in last years Glenfiddich. I’m not a big drinker, Joel doesn’t like Scotch at all. Luckily my oldest son does, so next weekend, at the family Chanukah party I know what I’ll be serving.


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