Stitches show

Stitches used to be all about the yarn. They are trying to expand, they are still mostly about the yarn. I have been knitting less, so really wasn’t interested in buying yarn. I did see two things I really like.40 years ago I made a sweater with this stitch pattern. I created it myself, not finding a pattern around. So I have a soft spot for this.  This would not be heard to duplicate and I might try, although probably not in these colors.I should have snapped more pictures of this shawl. Many booths had it in different color ways. I know the pattern is available on Revelry. I don’t want to make it, but I really liked the graphic aspect of this one.

Not much sewing or quilting. One big show was Cherrywood design challenge – purple for Prince.In these challenges one has to buy the package of fabric from Cherrywood, I think they can add other Cherrywood fabrics as well. To me and my friend, this just looked too dark.I am extremely impressed with the quality of work! I guess it’s just all that dark purple that really dominates. This was my favorite, I don’t think First place was in this show. I love it for the brightness, the design, the quilting and the bling. Two other ones I really liked also had bling. Bling isn’t my thing, but here it was necessary.So what did I buy? A grab bag of Cherrywood fabrics of course! Then on a Sunday walk I came across this harlequin house in Santa Monica. LOVE IT!Speaking of color and creativity, what is better than a fundraising event that includes painting a bus?? Nothing, nothing is better.Except for a very happy grandpa and grandsons.


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