A visit to the Fashion District

Usually, I go here on my own, with the purpose of buying fabric or trim.This time it was a tour given by the LA Conservancy. Sure they wanted me as a docent, I give enough tours. The joy of being a volunteer, I paid my money and went on the tour. Sure there were plenty of buildings that I am very familiar with, but I always learn something new.Initially I had my camera on the wrong setting, by the time I figured it out, we were halfway through the first part of the tour. So you are getting the artistic image of the Gerry building. Some people use filters to get this, I just shoot on the wrong setting. A few years ago I posted images of this building. Not much more information, except this has always housed garment manufacture and designers. A few years ago there was talk of turning this into lofts, glad that didn’t happen. And yes, that font is amazing.Great Streamline moderne element, the curved concrete and windows! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!Repeating the font on the side as well as that lovely deep orange brick paint color.I have often wondered about this building. It was nice to get some information. Built in the early teens it was originally the Brunswick, Balke, Collender Company, or simply the Brunswick building. They made Billiard Tables. Although based outside Chicago, they quickly expanded throughout the country. The business also expanded beyond Billards, to bowling balls, other sporting good, boating, yachts and  Military equipment. They sold this building long ago.

In the early 1980s it was bought by a newly arrived Iranian. At the time real estate downtown wasn’t worth much. Iranians snapped up properties like crazy. Because this Gentleman was so grateful to be here in America, he decided to commission Barbara Beall to design this 50 foot image out of tile. It was installed in 1987, one year after the centennial of the original statue. She is looking west over the Pacific Rim, which is why we see the west coasts of America, Asia and Austrailia. Today the building houses fashion showrooms and studios.The back is much more prosaic, we were trying to figure out why there was this door on the second floor? Any suggestions are welcome.Always love ghost advertising.Alleys downtown are like the rest of the city, people are commisioning murals. Mighty Mouse? An original Mickey? These are just a few of the murals in this alley. There are tours dedicated to murals all over the city.

There was more to the tour, I’ll be having another post for that.


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